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Appropriate – Affordable  – Achievable

“A specialist with real market knowledge offering business growth expertise to companies with high value technologies and services who wish to expand within the UK defence and security sectors”

We are in the business of creating change and help UK Defence & Security Companies who have the appetite, energy and ambition for growth.

We combine rigorous, systematic analysis with creativity and flair. We’re a mix of left-brain and right-brain thinkers. We cover the ground quickly and look for the unexpected with fresh eyes.

We are each specialists in our fields. We’re not generalists masquerading as experts.

The BAR A3 Methodology

The BAR A3 Methodology is a robust management tool designed specifically to provide you with a definitive framework around which your business growth plans can be set.

It forms the basis of a set of enabling tools that develop the vision and bring depth and colour to your goals to the extent that they can be enumerated, validated and visualised. These include the ability to:

  • Quantify the strategic value of the business over time to ensure the plan is appropriate;
  • Consider the funding required to support and deliver the plan to ensure it is affordable;
  • Model the complex interaction between competing resources to assure that the plan is achievable.

It is underpinned by an approach that embraces innovation as a key catalyst for change across the business to include people, products and processes.

Strategic Value Health Check

Part of the BAR A3 Methodology, the Strategic Value Matrix (SVM) is a robust assessment tool designed specifically to provide the framework to deliver you a definitive view of strategic value.