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v-tec group
“Thank you Charlie. We found the insight and oversight that you have provided has given us another layer of understanding of our business altogether. Your ability to help us to capitalise on our in-house skills, knowledge and management capabilities has proved invaluable, enabling us to identify opportunities and recognise the potential impact of threats as we plan our strategic future and the development of our team. The addition of the specialised financial expertise of Mark has contributed greatly in focusing on not only reaching our strategic and financial goals, but also increasing the underlying strategic value of the business.”
Tim Douglas - MD, V-tec Group
“BAR provided us with very valuable knowledge and advice during our start-up funding phase. It helped us position the business strategically in order to attract investment from the High Net worth investor community. As a result, we were able to secure investment from a number of individuals with highly relevant backgrounds in public company leadership, one of whom we subsequently appointed as our Chairman.”
Simon Nash , CFO - Cresatech Limited
“I have found Charlie to be an outstanding business mentor and just love his empathy.  He and his BAR team absolutely “get” our business and always have ideas and tools to tease out the next practical and affordable elements in our growth journey.  They are friendly yet focused and their behaviours set a fine example to my staff as well as increasing their confidence.  My team and I are looking forward to the leadership and business management training and seeing the quick wins as well as developing capabilities that will increase our strategic value.”
Rob Barber - MD, Newquay Activity Centre, Newquay Activity Centre