What We Do

Your business is your livelihood and the security of the country may depend on how well we do your job.

We have a portfolio of tools and techniques. Some are proven standards. You may find similar ones elsewhere, but you won’t find them delivered with the same insight, energy and rigour.

So bespoke problems get bespoke solutions underpinned by the platform used reliably and creatively.

We bring experience, expertise, and direct support to realise strategic value for clients who have applicability in the defence and security sectors.

Who We Serve


We will help you build a sustainable business and realise its’ value


We help you identify, catalyse and commercialise innovation


We will help you increase investment opportunity, reduce risk and maximise return

The Market

We will help you increase and optimise SME engagement

Our Service

Corporate Partners
Spinout development
Innovation exploitation
Innovation brokerage

Development Clients
Validate the market
Promotion and lead generation
Supply chain connections

Market Opportunity
Defence and Security innovation
Dual use application
Technology focus

Strategic Clients
Interim management
NED and Governance
Investment and Equity

Investment Partners
Investment opportunity
Due dilligence services

Consultancy Clients
Strategy development
Trusted Advisors
Value based collaboration
Change programmes

Focussing on Value Through BAR A3MTM

It forms the basis of a set of enabling tools that develop the vision and bring depth and colour to your goals to the extent that they can be enumerated, validated and visualised.

It is underpinned by an approach that embraces innovation as a key catalyst for change across the business to include people, products and processes.

Brand Value

Business Scarcity

Market Size

Market Penetration

Quality of Customer

Quality of Earnings

Revenue Mix

Financial Situation

Quality of Management

Staff Skills



Understand context

Develop the delivery plan – correctly resourced and tasked

Assess and score

Expose key objectives for the Business Strategy

Form a view on strategic value through uplift

Map to financial targets

Establish clarity of vision and purpose

Delivery with the A3MTM toolset

Our Approach

We combine rigorous, systematic analysis with creativity and flair.
We’re a mix of left-brain and right-brain thinkers.
We cover the ground quickly and look for the unexpected with fresh eyes.

Assess Potential

Strategic Healthcheck

Evaluate Options

Technology Transfer



Exit or Partner


Collaborate to Deliver

Market engagement and Consultancy

A3M Strategy
Value Programme
Investment Portfolio

Strategic Healthcheck

Our Innovation System

Establish the Challenge

Supply Chain Connection

Identify the Innovator

Supplier Readiness Level

Engage and Assess

Benefits of the Bar Approach

Increasing confidence

The right strategy and plan to realise the potential

Inspired and moderated by experienced BAR Team

Increasing Revenue

Identify, develop and close opportunities in the Defence and Security sector

Supported by BAR extensive reach and domain knowledge

Increasing Funding and Investment

Access to the right money at the right time

Leveraging BAR track record and support network

Increasing Certainty

A sustainable business with an assured plan and managed risks

Accelerated development through BAR specialist service partners

The BAR Team

We are each specialists in our fields. We’re not generalists masquerading as experts.

Because we are specialists, we are a company of diverse talents. Which means we look at challenges from a range of different perspectives and don’t propose a narrow range of possibilities that just happen to suit us.

We also think it makes us more interesting to work with.

Robin King

CEO, Strategy and sales; IBM, QinetiQ, Clearswift, Deep-Secure, CS2

Harry Worth

COO, Strategy and leadership; Royal Marines, Barclays, HSBC, Corporate Security

A3M Strategy
Value Programme

Peter Rogers

Leadership and change programmes; BT, QinetiQ, Digital Barriers

Tim Kidwell

Change programmes defence and security; MOD, QinetiQ, GCHQ, Boeing

Paul Thompson

Technology and innovation strategy; BAE Systems, Niteworks, SETSquared

Steve Prior

Marketing and communications; Maritz, EuroRSCG, Amigo, Langsroth, Engage

Lawrence Dack

Modelling and analysis; Hi-Q, Niteworks, Telaugos

Ian MacGillivray

Strategy and maritime engineering; Royal Navy, MOD, Niteworks

Vince McConville

Digital Marketing, Collaboration, Cloud Services and Productivity through Technology

Alasdair Mackay

Business Scale up; Army, Clearwater, HTEC, Niteworks

Investment Portfolio
M&A Consultancy

Rik Armitage

Corporate development and M&A; BAE, Korda, ADL, Chemring


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