What They Said

“The BAR approach was efficient, time bound, logical and well presented; the Team was thoroughly professional and the process was easy to grasp. It proved to be highly cost effective and, on occasions, even enjoyable despite the deep soul searching it by nature demands. BAR has delivered a really special opportunity to secure enduring competitive advantage and drive up the overall value of our business for all stakeholders.”  



The Challenge

As an ambitious small business in a growing market, the client was looking to develop a clear strategic plan for growth, driven by investor demands, whilst balancing the day to day running of the business.

The challenge encapsulated the utilisation of finite resources to address significant potential opportunity within a specialist, complex and evolving market sector.

The Approach

As a result of BAR creating a set of de-risked, value-based strategic options, the Client management team is now better able to address strategic growth issues and make decisions based on sound information and associated analysis.

Operational activity and investment resources can now be targeted and focussed on the key areas critical to EBITDA growth and the potential returns understood both in scale and time.

This allows the business to grow in accordance with a robust yet agile strategy that is well presented to the management team, the staff and the investors.

The Value

Working in collaboration with the CEO, BAR applied its A3 methodology to:

  • Critically assess the business situation and apply strategic insights to develop growth options;
  • Determine financial constraints, overlay growth options and assess their impact on strategic value;
  • Consider initiatives to increase business agility to exploit future opportunities whilst maintaining current performance;
  • Improve effectiveness of senior management planning to take advantage of market opportunities.

Why Bar?

A specialist with real experience offering innovators with high value technologies the ability to realise their value.

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